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Croz de le Niere - quick and comfy!

Mika Huhtamaki

Route from Arco to Croz de la Niere.
The weather forecasts looked bad and we weren't sure if it is a good idea to go out at all . After a small
research of the nearby valleys we came to conclusion that we would like to visit a crag that has an easy and quick access in the case of a storm. Croz de le Niere was an obvious choise.

If you have been seeking for a nice place for a picnic with the possibility to climb immediately when you feel so then this is a plave for you. Croz de le Niere at the end of the Giudicarie valley is just perfect for families or anyone who can't take long approaches or climbers who prefer confortable environment. The only downside is that it takes about 40 to 50 minutes by car from Riva or Arco, but that is all it takes, no additional trekking or traveling in the woods. Parking is convinient, just under the main wall. There is also few tables and one picnic table is under a roof so even the rain won't spoil the perfect day.

Heta leading La Volpe, 4c, 26 meters warmup.
But the climbing part, is this worthwhile crag to visit? Crag has more than 70 routes to offer, grades from 3 to 8a. Majority of the routes are in the range of 5c to 7a and the average length of routes is about 20 metetrs. Small difference to majority of the sport climbing crags is that Croz de le Niere has several two pitch routes, actually some of the routes can be climbed only from the second pitch.

We climbed several routes from 4c to 6a and in all the routes bolting and anchors were great, only on few routes the distance between bolts may cause additional heartbeats while completing the crux move. Still no major reasons to complain.

I'm happy to say that Croz de le Niere is worthwhile crag to visit and especially at unpredictable weather conditions it might be a good idea to go there, since it is quick and easy to get there and back. Crag is definitely good place to visit for families, actually one of the best crags to visit. Great location, easy approach and and wide selection of routes and grades, there is something for everyone from kids to grannies. Recommended!
Il Pigro, 5b, Heta.

Pilastro Moana, 6a, Mika.

Mika Huhtamaki / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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