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Back to the walls

Mika Huhtamaki
Tufa at Calvario.
Varying rock at Calvario.
Since our arrival on last Friday we have been waking up the hidden mountaineer souls by visiting three crags. As a warmup session we chose to return to our backyard at Arco by heading to Calvario.

I wrote about Calvario already on last year during our first visit at the crag. It is located just behind the city of Arco and it has one of the easiest access, just 10-15 minutes walk on a narrow road. It is not necessarily the best place for beginners because majority of the routest are between 6a to 8a. Anyway during the day we had a good warmup session on the 6a lines. (note: crag is not listed on our favorite climbing service at and Im planning to add at least the names and grades of the routes to the service)

Climbers hand on the Calvario's wall.
One part of the climbing in the Garda region during the summer months is to get used to the warm / hot climate. For the better acclimation to local temperatures we headed on Sunday to our old training crag  Muro dell'asino. Getting there from Arco by foot takes about 45 minutes and half of the approach is uphill trekking in the woods. That part was a good preparation for the more demanding approaches. Muro dell'asino is a good place for a climber that seeks challenges between 5a to 6c and as a bonus most of the routes have a great view over the valley behind. On the other hand few of the interesting 5c - 6a routes are getting slightly polished but not too badly. Anyway a good crag that should be added also to the

After the warmup sessions it was time to seek for higher walls, greater views and hotter ascends. We kept that in our minds to plan the next excursion to Regina del Lago, nearby Pregasina. But that's another story and will be coming up later with nice photos.

During the warmup sessions we took only few photos which are available in our public album for viewers. But watch out for the upcoming Regina del Lago photo gallery, great views coming up soon!

You can enjoy nice views while trekking to Muro dell'asino.

Arco, Calvario 15.6.2013
Arco - Muro dell'asino 16.6.2013

Mika Huhtamaki / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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