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Tall walls of Nago

Mika Huhtamaki
Nago's parking next to a ranch house.
After Massone day we wanted to see one of the biggest crag at the Garda region. Obvious choise for the day's excursion was Nago. This was also the last climbing day for Jarkko and Sami so we wanted to have something spectacular or at least high to climb.

The official Arco topo book states thart the crag might be overcrowded but our experince wasn't that bad. Of course there was other people climbing but most of the time there was a free route to pick.

Nago is huge in all countable ways; the number of routes, grades and heights. Crag has six sectors and total of 139 routes. Heights of the routes varies from 10 meters up to the 40 meters and grades start from 4b and end up to 8c. Average height of the routes is around 22 meters and average grade around 6b.

Jarkko leading "Take it easy"
- 5c, 25m.
During the day we climbed only few routes but the gained meters we good. We completed several 25 meters 5c routes and Sami did one 25 meters 6a route that was facing to the sun all the way from the bottom to the top.

Surprisingly the longer (25 meters) easy routes (5b-5c) weren't badly polished. Worst line was one of the 4c line that was more likely 5c because of the polished rock on the steep sections. Based on our experiences it looked like that routes greater than 5 or longer than 20 meters are in a decent shape.
Heta topping.

As a conclusion we agreed that Nago is definitely worthwhile to visit but be aware that some of the routes migh be badly polished and temperature during the hot afternoons might be an issue. During the summer months most of the tall walls are hot to climb but before 11 o'clock walls are mostly in shadow. It is a good idea to visit the crag early in the morning if you want to climb tall and difficult routes during the summer.

We got what we expected, tall walls. And once more thanks to Sami and Jarkko for nice time here at Lake Garda. I'll continue with Heta here to to seek new rock adventures. Ciao!

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Top view.

Mika Huhtamaki / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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  1. Thanks to Mika and Heta, our super Garda guides...! It was perfect holiday, could have been much longer! Enjoy!

  2. It was a pleasure. I saw that you promised for @GardaTrentino to come back next year. Then it's time for adventure climbing routes. I was already discussing with one of the alpine guides about possible routes.


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