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Rock adventurers in the news

Mika Huhtamaki
Ingarda Trentino published an article and a newsletter about our rock adventures at Lake Garda.

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English translation by Daniele Tonelli / Ingarda Trentino

Take four Finnish friends (Sami, Jarkko, Mika and Heta) who loveoutdoor activities (especially climbing), smartphone owners and onholiday in Garda Trentino. The result is a very interesting anddetailed diary of their experiences, published on different platforms(iCloud, Blogger, Flickr) and also mentioned on Twitter...and through atweet Ingarda Trentino S.p.A. got in touch with them and has been ableto discover the suggestive report of their "rock trip" (30th July -12th August) and some beautiful photos!

During their stay in Garda Trentino the four friends have tried many different excursions, like Vie Ferrate Colodri, Rio Salagoni, FalesieCorno di Bò, Belvedere and Policromuro, but also a cycling tour inBocca Larici.

This is a good promotion for our land that verify the growing trend of"social media involved tourists" that are used to share real-timephotos, experiences and many other things on social media, promotingour destination in a new viral and 2.0 way.
Ingarda Trentino S.p.A has defined a short meeting in its office inorder to thank Sami, Jarkko, Mika and Heta for their passion and togive them some special "IngardaKits" with brochures and gadgets.

Mika Huhtamaki / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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