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More fresh rock from Tione

Mika Huhtamaki

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Hunt for the fresh rock goes on. Results of the hunt are astonishing and yet another hidden gem has been found. This time our climbing picnic headed to the small city Tione that is located halfway between Madonna di Campiglio and Arco.

Some may think that Tione's  climbing crag is a bit too far from Arco and thus won't bother to visit there. But long distance is only half of the truth. It is true that driving there takes 45 minutes and 41 kilometers from Arco but once car has been parked you are only 3-5 minutes away from the crag. So the total time to get there and climb is about 50 minutes which is reasonable especially due the easy access.

Tione is a east facing wall located at 580 meters which makes it a good afternoon crag during hot summer days. It has total of 24 lines starting from 4a and ending up to one 7a route and most of the routes being at the range of 6. Grade range makes it perfect for beginner to medium level climbers. Lenght of the routes from 13 meters up to 20 meters making the lines long enough for hard continous lines.

Bolting is excellent but the best part is the rock quality that is practically untouched on most of the routes. Grip was amazing and the enjoyment to climb on fresh and unmarked limestone is rare. Styles of the routes varies from slabs to overhangs, arêtes and roofs. I was a bit surprised to see how such a small amount of routes can have such a different types of climbs.

Surroundings were well put together. Wooden steps, bench and nice green field makes this a perfect even for a family picnic. Well equipped!

Conclusion is clear. A definite place to visit if fresh 6 graded lines are your beef!

Crag grade: 5/5
Rock quality: 5/5
Bolting: 5/5
Surroundings: 4/5
Approach: 5/5

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Tione, 21.6.2015

Mika Huhtamaki / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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