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Escaping the rain to Trento and Muse

Mika Huhtamaki

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One thing that has been different during this summer is the weather. Everyone who I have met in Arco agrees that they haven't seen a summer like this before. And this is the first time for us too that the weather has been so unpredictable over the last 12 summers at Lake Garda. Unpredictable rains, low temperatures and sudden weather changes are more than common. Cooler temperatures are fine for sports but heavy rain and storms makes almost all outdoor activities hard or hopeless.

https://maps.google.fi/maps?saddr=Arco,+TN,+Italia&daddr=Corso+del+Lavoro+e+della+Scienza+3&hl=fi&ll=46.017946,11.008301&spn=0.653251,1.586151&sll=45.928647,10.885563&sspn=0.040894,0.099134&geocode=FaWmvAIdyBmmACmvNcRcVhGCRzGRnQM9NdrWvA%3BFQ_cvgIdlpipACFBUXr8hcS4finpkuv8UXGCRzFBUXr8hcS4fg&mra=ls&t=m&z=10Today constant rain changed again our plans and it was time to come up something else to do. After few ideas we decided to head towards Trento. Initial idea was to see the city or some museums. As a city Trento is an interesting mix of the Italian and German cultures. That shows up on the street level clearly on the architecture that changes dramatically between city blocks. But hanging around the city in the rain is not too much fun for long. Luckily we heard a tip from the local climbers at Arco that Trento has a new and impressive museum MUSE - Science Museum so we decided to head down there.

MUSE-museum is located in a fresh and modern building and exhibition covers all the main aspects of the science from biology to electronics. Majority of the exhibition area was dedicated to the massive nature and animals collection from past to present. For outdoor people
the exhibition was impressive, especially the replicas of huge dinosaur skeletons. Modern part of the exhibition is designed around personal experiences, you can lay on a spike mat, test your balance or see a 3D printer in action. That suites well for fellows and families who are not that much into traditional museum tours.

Climber's skeleton.
Among other things alpinism was covered too and of course we saw climbing fashion and gear from 30's to present, oh I miss the lost feeling of the real mountain adventurers. I would be rather
outside in the nature but MUSE was still worthwhile to visit, especially when it rains too much for outdoor activities.


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Mika Huhtamaki / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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