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The eternal knot tied at Garda Trentino

The Story of friends, climbing, Garda Trentino and loveeee...

I start from the very beginning. Two years ago when Mika and Heta were visiting Arco (again) they wanted to take their bikes with. Sami and Nora borrowed their bike rack (Thule EuroWay G2 921, very handy) and as compensation Sami got his first climbing harness. So, Sami started climbing, because he had harness and Mika needed a friend to belay. Sami really liked climbing and he started to look for another climbing partner when Mika was not available, so he asked Nora to try. Nora fell in love with climbing and they started to climb together a lot.

This tells something about the importance of climbing in their life. Nora played beach volley and volleyball as a semi-pro player, but since she started climbing, she has hardly played a match. Sami raced DH biking, but since he started climbing, he has done that twice in total. ;)

So, they trained climbing and bouldering at indoor places in Helsinki region and Tampere, they traveled to climb in Sicily and Sweden, they climbed at crags all around Finland and they were really happy together. They coached each other, they encouraged each other, they helped each other, they belayed each other, they spoke about climbing, they watched climbing movies and the most important they spent their best time together while climbing.

It was January 2013 when they planned to travel to Garda Trentino at Summer. At the same time Nora got an idea to get finally married after eight years together. They both love Italy and climbing and especially they love each other so what would be a better place to tie an eternal knot between them.

Nora's wedding ring, the eternal knot

The final test for the marriage was set to be passed at Sarca walls. The test was to do multipitch climbing together as a pair. ;) It was three days before the wedding when they approached Amazzonia route (5/5 stars, Sarca Walls– Guidebook) at the crag of Piccolo Dain at Parete Del Limaró. The route is 11 rope lengths and 250 meters, the hardest grade is 5C.  As they have enjoyed time together while climbing also the multipitch ascent went perfectly, even if it was raining when Nora leaded her longest and hardest pitch (5b), the ropes were wet and heavy and they didn't have time for breaks to get down before sunset. It took 6 hours and they were totally exhausted after the tour, but they worked as a solid team from start to end. So there were no doubts for the successful marriage! :D

Check the full story from here.

On the top of the world, or at least on the top of Amazzonia!

The end of story, but the beginning of lovely start for another one...

Thanks to the Italian friends for all the pre-work since the ceremony went perfect. Riva del Garda is very international city, so they gave very precise information what they need for a civil wedding ceremony. But it is good to communicate in Italian with the people working at city, if possible. Nora's lovely Italian volleyball teammate Alice helped a lot with the booking, documents and jewelry. Also Valentina and Daniele from Garda Trentino Tourist Office did great job by witnessing and translating the ceremony. The ceremony was at Comune di Riva del Garda (City Hall) by the Lake Garda.

After the ceremony by Lake Garda

This beautiful and lovely happening was really worth to immortalize. Mika made invaluable work to sweat and run with the married couple around the city of Arco and the Calvario crag. The day was hot even it was not so sunny. The feelings, the happiness, the love and the action were captured to these awesome photos.

Yoga and dynos are keys for good climber and excellent relationship. (c) Mika Huhtamäki

"See, there are some mountains!" (c) Mika Huhtamäki
"Catch me if you can!" (c) Mika Huhtamäki

Heading into the future together  (c) Mika Huhtamäki

Some extra without make-up and dress :)

Balancing at Via Ferrata Rio Salagoni (c) Mika Huhtamäki

The news of the wedding
Basso Sarca e Ledro News

Nora / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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