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Via Trento and Via del 46 Parallelo - Parete Zebrata

Mika Huhtamaki

During the last years Parete Zebrata has been our favorite hang around wall for quick and shady afternoon climbs. One obvious reason is the shade and reasonable afternoon and evening temperature even during the hot season. Wall is climbable even during the hottest days after around 4pm so the only limiting factor is the length of the day.

On the other hand Parete Zebrata is a good wall for longer 400+ long routes during the spring and fall. Still easier long routes are not necessarily always well protected, for example old and popular route Rita has several pitches where bolt spacing is around 15-20 meters. Usually distant bolts are not in a difficult spot but sometimes additional protective gear may help while climbing. Interesting route that has a long chimney at the last third. Just the history and length of the route justifies an ascent.

Via Trento
A good afternoon or evening route to be climbed during the hot season. Some friction climbing and few harder sections than the grade 5b. Good belay stations and safe descent makes it a nice option for a relaxed evening picnic over the Sarca valley.

Via del 46 Parallelo
Oldest route on the Parete Zebrata, easy with good belays stations. It can be a good training ground for a multipitch climbing as a 180 meters long. Somewhat long bolt distances may still scare some of the beginners off. We still managed to use it as a training climb for my brother and his girlfriend so at least in our case it was a good choice for that. Grade is 4a and mostly it is that, maybe few harder spots but no friction climbing.

Over the years we have climbed at least the following routes from Parete Zebrata:
  • Opera Prima, 5b, 3 pitches, 100 meters
  • Via Delle Mimose, 5b, 3 pitces, 120 meters
  • Donne, 5b, 3 pitches, 120 meters
  • Zo Le Man, 5b, 3 pitches, 120 meters
  • Gino Gianna, 5b, 4 pitches, 150 meters
  • Giusy, 5b / A0, 3 pitches, 150 meters
  • Via Trento, 5b, 5 pitches, 180 meters
  • Via del 46 Parallelo, 4a, 6 pitches, 180 meters
  • Spinelo, 6a, 7 pitches, 220 meters
  • Rita, 5c, 15 pitches, 400 meters

Mika Huhtamaki / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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