keskiviikko 18. kesäkuuta 2014

Return to Arco and Trentino

Mika Huhtamaki
Here we are again! Just three months ago we got a taste of the late winter snow at Madonna di Campiglio and early spring climbing at Ledro Valley. Now it is time to for a whole month at Lake Garda region.,18.1310487+to:54.502464,11.2279493+to:53.880543,11.5803967+to:53.7810625,11.6003879+to:52.7149666,12.9983097+to:arco&hl=fi&ll=56.992883,28.037109&spn=33.70245,101.513672&sll=52.61639,12.974854&sspn=4.616758,12.689209&geocode=FQwslgMd4ZF8ASmRBiGWxwuSRjFj9-I7hL1OzQ%3BFY2shwMdaKgUASlL10dsYnlfRjGsDJ8xP3qyBQ%3BFUCkPwMdLVOrACmlRE_0SGStRzEtUjLy104DXw%3BFd8mNgMd7LOwACldtMpR4betRzEqUcmddcDMOA%3BFUaiNAMdAwKxACkjGBzDtM6tRzFzETux2M0W_Q%3BFdZdJAMdpVbGAClR8mOnKB2pRzEYn36xAvlwIw%3BFaWmvAIdyBmmACmvNcRcVhGCRzGRnQM9NdrWvA&mra=dvme&mrsp=5&sz=7&via=1,2,3,4,5&t=m&z=4Drive from Helsinki to Arco takes more than 26 hours by car. Over three days by car is not the fastest way to travel but the only viable option for having 2 dogs, climbing and mountain biking gear packed together. Road trip by car offers a great opportunity to see a completely different side of the Germany than the urban and crowded big cities. By picking small hotels from the countryside we have been able to see a glimpse of more traditional lifestyle. I have to admit that it is actually relaxing to hear the noises of cows and wild animals after the busy day at the highway. And when it comes to highways Germany is well known for having the fastest roads in Europe, except this summer! We learned that knowing the roadworks and closed roads upfront is more than valuable. Our usual way to Italy passes Hamburg. For this summer Hamburg was full of roadworks and closed ramps that had blocked or even disabled the traffic completely. Luckily expensive roaming internet access and phone's handicapped online navigation saved as a day!

What surprised us on highways was the amount of German flags attached on the cars. Germans are visibly proud for winning their very 1st game in the FIFA worldcup in Brazil. We were just wondering that how you can attach a small flagpole on the car that holds at the speed of 160 km/h.

For this year we are not alone, our long time friends Sami, Nora and Jarkko will be joining us later as well my brother Juha and his girlfriend Niina. And on top of that Sami and Nora has invited few of their friends to visit at Arco too over the weeks. It looks like that we are turning Arco into a Finnish town during June and July.

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Helsinki-Arco, 18.6.2014

Mika Huhtamaki / Author & Editor

Mika Huhtamäki is a part time amateur rock climber, mountain biker and a snowboarder from Finland who travels often in Italy.

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